VooPoo Drag S vs Drag S Pro

If you're on the lookout for a well-established vape company with high-quality products, VooPoo could be the brand for you.

Voopoo are known for creating top quality vape products, from coils to vape kits and everything in between. As one of the leading innovators in the world of vapes, it's no wonder that they’ve become so popular amongst vapers of all kinds. 

The Drag series began in 2017 at the same time that Voopoo struck a game changing partnership with GENE corporation to create Voopoo-exclusive chipsets that have helped to make the Drag series of vapes as iconic as they are to this day. 

Today, we’re taking a look at a VooPoo Drag S and Drag S Pro vape kits, two siblings with many similarities but also a few key differences which are bound to make one the more suitable for your vaping needs.


The VooPoo Drag S is an excellent option with a zinc alloy construction. The padded leather design provides a stylish and comfortable finish that is available in a range of colours. The leather also features an embossed design that reads "DRAG".

The device measures 87 mm x 33 mm x 28 mm and is surprisingly durable for such a portable vape. The Drag S also boasts a clean 0.96" screen that displays all of your important settings and a small adjustable airflow airflow handle towards the top of the device.

VooPoo Drag S colours include:

  • Iron Knight
  • Mashup
  • Bronze Knight
  • Marsala
  • Retro
  • Chestnut
  • Dark Knight
  • Classic
  • Galaxy Blue
  • Carbon Fibre

The Voopoo Drag S Pro is larger than the Drag S model and measures 130mm x 34mm x 28 mm.

Like the Drag S, the Drag S Pro also boasts a stylish padded leather exterior that provides great comfort. There is also a screen that displays all the information you need to know about your device.

While the Drag S can offer both direct-to-lung (DTL) and mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, the Drag S Pro is designed only for DTL use.

The VooPoo Drag S Pro is available in a range of great colours. These include:

  • Classic Black
  • Basalt Grey
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Sahara Brown
  • California Orange
  • Mystic Red
  • Garda Blue


Both of these devices are feature-rich, offering vapers a range of different modes and adjustments that help to take vaping to the next level. Both the Drag S and Drag S Pro offer users the option of using an auto-draw system or the fire button to activate it. As well as this, they both feature variable wattage, allowing vapers to set the power to their liking.

The VooPoo Drag S uses Voopoo’s famous GENE.TT chipset, which enables the device to ignite within 0.001s for instant vaping. This chip also offers an intelligent range of modes and functions. Choose between a smart mode which is designed to tailor your device to the correct wattage for the coils you are using or RBA mode where you can override smart mode restrictions and set your own coil resistances. Meanwhile, the screen provides an easy way to check the charge and you can even rate each puff with the score ranking mode.

The Drag S is auto-draw or fire button-activated and has the ability to provide sub-ohm or RDL vaping experiences depending on the coils used. The adjustable airflow also allows users to tailor their puff to their preferences. The VooPoo Drag S Pro makes use of a 360° adjustable airflow system for unbeatable control. The adjustment ring is located in between the device's adjustment buttons.

The Drag S Pro has even more power and cloud production with the upgraded GENE.FAN 3.0, providing a 20% improvement in overall performance. Like the Drag S, the Drag S Pro also offers Smart mode and RBA mode as well as TC mode which is unique to the Pro model. TC mode allows for vapers to select a specific temperature to vape at. 


The Drag S uses VooPoo PnP replacement pods which have a 2ml e-liquid capacity with a fill port located on the bottom and is designed for quick and easy fills.

The pod is easily attached to the device thanks to the four mod magnets. The device automatically recognises the pod that has been attached and sets the device to the best wattage setting.

The Drag S Pro uses a TPP-X pod with an easily removable and replaceable drip tip. It's worth noting that the drip tip housing doesn't contain o-rings so replacements must have their own. The Drag S Pro pod also has a 2ml capacity.


The VooPoo Drag S is compatible with the Voopoo PnP replacement coils which offer a wide range of resistances and materials. The Drag S Kit comes with a PnP VM5 0.2ohm coil and a PnP VM1 0.3ohm coil. For larger clouds of vapour, the 0.2ohm coil will be ideal and designed for use between 40W-60W allowing you to max out power of the Drag S. Alternatively, opt for the 0.3ohm coil designed for use 32W-40W.

The Drag S Pro is compatible with the same range as well as a different set of coils in the Voopoo TPP replacement coil range. This vape kit comes with a 0.15ohm TPP-DM1 coil and a 0.2ohm TPP-DM2 coil. Due to the Drag S Pro being a more powerful device, lower resistance coils can be used with it to create even larger clouds of vapour than its counterpart.

The 0.2ohm TPP-DM2 coil should be used between 40W to 60W and produces its best performance at around 55W. With this wattage setting, vapers will enjoy a rich flavour and great cloud production when limiting airflow.

The 0.15-ohm TPP-DM1 coil requires between 80W to 100W. This coil uses 'Dual in One' technology which provides excellent results including brilliant flavours and impressive clouds of vapour. To get the most out of these coils, it’s important to use a shortfill e-liquid as the higher VG is essential to creating clouds and keeping your coils in tip top shape. 

Battery Life

The VooPoo Drag S has a built-in 2500mAh battery and uses a USB type-C cable to charge it. The maximum wattage of the Drag S is 60W and it will typically take around an hour and a half to fully charge.

The VooPoo Drag S Pro has a 3000mAh battery capacity with a power range of between 5W to 80W. The built-in battery typically takes around an hour to charge with USB type-C charging.

This is one of the key differences between the Drag S Pro and VooPoo's Drag X Pro: the Drag S model uses a built-in battery while the VooPoo Drag X Pro uses an external battery. One benefit of this is that there is no need for a battery door to take up space.

You should expect your Drag S Pro battery to last for about a full day. However, this will be determined by your usage habits and coil resistance.


Overall, both devices perform exceptionally well. There are many similarities between the two devices, allowing for a similar feel between both of them. When it comes to performance, the Drag S Pro allows a more impressive performance in regards to cloud production, largely thanks to its bigger battery. The 3000mAh battery can provide up to 80W compared to the maximum 60W from the 2500mAh battery of the Drag S. 

In addition to the coils being used, the 360° infinite airflow system of the Drag S Pro pod mod also makes a difference to the performance as it allows for finer control of the airflow and ultimately, the vaping experience. However, that’s not to take anything away from its little sibling’s performance. Whilst less powerful, it is still capable of creating solid clouds and producing excellent flavour. The higher in power you go, the thicker the clouds will also be. 

The Verdict?

One thing is for sure, the VooPoo Drag series offers users a great selection of devices. Their use of a pod-style tank and PnP coil seemed to pave the way for other manufacturers to follow suit.

The use of the TPP-X pod tank in the Pro model coupled with the longer battery life makes this a formidable option. But, the VooPoo Drag S can still be an excellent option for people that like to switch between DTL and RDL vaping.

Alternatively, it can be a great device for those transitioning between the styles. In contrast, the Pro is best suited for those looking for a DTL device that provides impressive performance.

If you're on the lookout for a new device, we have an extensive collection of products to browse. And don’t forget, you can contact us any time for any more advice on your next product! 

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