VooPoo Drag X vs Drag X Pro

Finding the perfect vape is so much more than settling on a brand you like. More often than not, brands will release a variety of vape kits while also continuing to improve on existing versions. With a new device arriving every other week, how are you supposed to choose from all these options?

Thankfully here at Vaping 101, alongside supplying the best selection of vape kits, e-liquids and accessories, we also want to provide our customers with the help they need to find the perfect vape.

One of our bestselling brands is VooPoo, a world-famous vaping brand that offers a selection of high-quality, innovative pod kits. Amongst their wide collection of vapes is their Drag series, which includes some of the most popular vapes around such as the Drag X and Drag X Pro. While both vape kits are from the same series, each device will have their own unique features that make them stand out from the crowd.

In this blog we'll explore the main differences between the VooPoo Drag X and VooPoo Drag X Pro to help you make an informed decision on which vape is the right one for you.


The VooPoo Drag X is one of VooPoo’s most powerful yet versatile vape kits. Measuring 124mm x 28mm x 33mm, it features a premium Zinc alloy build that’s both durable and lightweight, with a stylish leather covering for an added touch of class. The cylindrical shape also makes it comfortable to hold and easy to fit in your pocket for on-the-go vaping.

With the newer VooPoo Drag X Pro you’ll notice a slightly larger build measuring at 135.5 x 28.8 x 34.5 mm. However, this vape still maintains the same unique design with the iconic leather covering which features the classic and instantly recognisable Drag X branding.

The Drag X model comes in a selection of colours to suit any style. This includes:

  • Carbon Fibre
  • Iron Knight
  • Classic Black
  • Mashup
  • Galaxy Blue
  • Bronze Knight
  • Dark Knight
  • Chestnut

The Drag X Pro is also available in a selection of colours, including:

  • Classic Black
  • Sahara Brown
  • Gobi Grey
  • Sapphire Blue
  • California Orange
  • Garda Blue
  • Mystic Red

Both pods feature a bottom-fill design. This fill-port system makes it easy for users to refill their pods without having to worry about e-liquid spills and any additional mess.


The VooPoo Drag X pod kit has a great range of features to help you get the most out of your vape. Some of our favourite features include:

  • Boost mode
  • Smart Mode
  • GENE.TT Chipset
  • Variable Wattage
  • Adjustable Airflow

The adjustable airflow control is a great addition for any vapers who prefer a more customisable vape. The slider is found on the back of the device and helps you easily open or close the airflow openings on each side. Closing the air off completely provides a tight draw for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers while turning the airflow control ring to open the openings allows for a direct-to-lung (DTL) vape.

The Drag X also features a 0.96" TFT colour display screen that provides you with all the info you need to know about the device such as battery life, wattage, puff length and more. This feature is perfect if you’re a more seasoned vaper who likes getting into the finer details of their vape.

The GENE.TT chip – VooPoo’s most advanced chipset yet – that’s built into the Drag X also boasts smart coil recognition which regulates the vape’s wattage to suit your coil. A battery indicator on the display helps you keep track of the power left in your device.

The VooPoo Drag X Pro also boasts similar features, including smart modes that help to adjust the device’s wattage automatically and personalise the devices temperature using TC mode. Like the Drag X, much of the LED screen provided is taken up by providing a puff counter alongside other metrics such as wattage and battery life. Both models offer both an auto-draw feature and fire button activation. This offers flexibility for people that have different preferences in how they use their vape. 

As an added feature, the Drag X Pro also has the option of a voltage booster and PnP pod compatibility. The voltage booster, aptly named Boost Mode, allows for output to 8.5 Volts which means you’re less likely to see a drop in power as your battery drains.


The PnP pods, compatible with the Drag X, are built with a PCTG construction, provide a 2ml e-liquid capacity and come with a preformed mouthpiece. You can view e-juice levels through the transparent PCTG, giving you a better idea of when you’ll need to refill the pod with e-liquid. The great thing about these pods is that you can also easily switch between pod and tank mode by removing its base, making for an even more customisable vape.

Meanwhile, the new TPP-X pod also provides the same 2ml capacity but instead features a glass tank, which offers similar convenience in monitoring e-liquid levels but helps to create a more elegant and sturdy design. You can enjoy easy replacement and removal thanks to the 810 drip tip. With this drip tip, installing the pod is a breeze, as it requires no complicated threading; simply press it into place. Additionally, the magnets in the base keep the pod secure and in contact with the coil. The pod is also extremely versatile, as it is compatible with the complete VooPoo TPP coil range so you’ll be able to experiment with different coil resistances and find the right vaping style for you..

For more details on pods, you can browse our VooPoo Drag X/S replacement pod selection.


The VooPoo Drag X pod kit comes with 2 sub ohm coils with a resistance of 0.15 ohms or 0.3 ohms each. The device is also compatible with the entire collection of Voopoo PnP replacement coils, should you need them. With coil resistances ranging from 0.15 ohms to 1.2 ohms, this vape is guaranteed to suit almost every vaping style out there.

The VooPoo Drag X Pro pod kit comes with 2 Voopoo TPP coils with 0.15 ohm and 0.2 ohm resistances. Boasting maximum flavour and vapour production via its mesh structure, these coils are an excellent choice for cloud chasers who don’t want to miss out on flavour either. 

As both coil collections are available in a wide range of resistance levels, the Drag X and Drag X Pro’s compatibility with these coils make these vape kit options fairly versatile and great for customisation. 

Battery Life

The VooPoo Drag X uses a single external 18650 battery which produces an output of 5W to 80W for a fast-charging all-day vape - no more having to scramble for a charger while you’re out enjoying your day. The battery can be accessed from the base of the device. A spring system makes it easy to remove and you can then operate the slide-to-lock system to keep the battery door in place.

The VooPoo Drag X Pro can use either a 18650 or 21700 battery - neither are included in the kit. With this vape you’ll be able to achieve a maximum output of 100W, which you can recharge via a USB type-C charging port. The increased output compared to the Drag X means you’ll have a more powerful vape packaged up in that familiar slim and portable design.


VooPoo Drag X pod kit features VooPoo’s innovative GENE.TT chipset, resulting in a smarter and more intuitive device. The chipset supports the Drag X’s Smart Mode, which automatically adjusts the vape’s wattage according to the coil you’re using. You can also use the adjustment buttons on the side of the vape to set this manually.

You’ll also be able to score your drags in regards to cloud production via the Drag X’s Scoring Mode. With fun scores such as Iron and King, this mode adds another level of excitement to your vaping experience.

The VooPoo Drag X Pro pod kit is also known for providing high-quality, reliable performance. Its new GENE.FAN 3.0 chip delivers an extremely fast firing speed of 0.001 seconds. You’ll also be able to navigate between its different intelligent features such as Smart Mode, RBA Mode, and Temperature Control Mode. Alongside this intuitive design, the Drag X Pro also has several different safety features including over-temperature, overcharge, over-current, and short circuit protection to ensure you’re vaping safely at all times.

The Verdict?

Both the Drag X and Drag X Pro are famously known for the excellent level of flexibility and performance they provide vapers, especially more experienced vapers who would benefit most from their additional controls and features. While they may share some similarities, each device has their own unique design features that may make them more suited to certain vapers and vaping styles.

The Drag X vape kit is extremely versatile and can be used for both MTL and DTL vaping, making it a great choice for vapers who are looking to play around with different vaping styles.

The Drag X Pro is also versatile, but this is largely due to its TPP-X Pod, which is compatible with a wide range of coil resistances for even more flexibility.

While both vape kits are excellent options to consider, we hope this guide has helped to break down the key differences between the two. With all these features in mind, you’ll now be able to choose which vape will suit your own personal vaping style and preferences.

If you want to explore the full VooPoo range, or want to venture more into the wide world of vapes, take a look at our full collection of vape kits for some of the best vapes available on the market.

For all the new vapers out there, don’t hesitate to contact our team with any of your burning vaping questions.




DO NOT BUY. the tanks have a rubber latch that tends to snap after prolonged use after that happens the vape just leaks juice out of the vents. It just happened to me this morning and i still have a full bottle of juice that is now useless



Hi, the Drag X pro only goes to 80w like the normal X. The X plus and X plus pro both go to 100w.
Source: I own a Drag S and X pro; voopoo.com

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