Best OXVA Vape Kits

The OXVA brand is quite new on the scene; it was founded by Justin Lai in 2019. However, the Michigan-based brand has made quite a name for itself in the vaping world and has sold over 10 million products since its launch.

Despite not being the most well-known brand in the pod vape world, OXVA have made a name for themselves with their highly intuitive pod systems

In this article, we'll be reviewing the best vape kits made by OXVA to help you decide which device will be right for you.

OXVA Xlim V2 Pod Kit

The Oxva Xlim V2 Pod Kit is a nifty little pod system that is perfect for ex-smokers, providing them with the tight MTL draws they crave. It also features adjustable airflow control, with three different settings (if you prefer your draw to be a little looser, for example).

The Xlim V2 is a very pocket-friendly device, being small and compact. Despite its size, the 900mAh battery should easily last a whole day, possibly more depending on your vaping habits.

Unlike many other pod devices on the market, this product has a tiny, clear OLED screen that provides all the information you need about your vape such as battery life, wattage output, and coil resistance. This makes it easy to use the adjustable wattage feature and allows you to see how much battery life you have left.

The kit comes with a 0.6-ohm pod and a 0.8-ohm pod, so you can switch between them depending on how much flavour and heat you want from your vape hits.

This OXVA Xlim pod kit is also rather stylish; it comes in 11 different colours, including Black Red, Blue Green, Green Lemon, Dark Blue, and Arctic Ice.

While the old OXVA Xlim featured a side-fill port, you'll be happy to know that the V2 now makes use of a top-fill port, so is far less likely to leak e-liquid.

OXVA Xlim Pro Kit

If you want something a little more powerful than the OXVA Xlim V2 Pod system, take a look at the OXVA Xlim Pro Kit. It features an even larger 1000mAh battery that should see you through at least two days without additional charging.

It even supports fast charging via its USB Type C port, so you can get back to blowing clouds quickly. Like its OXVA Xlim Pod system counterpart, it has adjustable airflow and wattage; but a key difference is that you can now crank this pod device all the way up to 30W.

The OXVA Xlim Pro comes with two OXVA Xlim pods; a 0.6-ohm pod, perfect for MTL vaping, and a 0.8-ohm pod more suitable for DTL vaping. If you want a little more resistance, you can buy a 1.2-ohm pod separately.

The fill port is on top of these pods, so you won't get any vape juice leaking into your pocket. The Pro Kit also features auto draw and button activation, so you can choose whichever you prefer.

OXVA Xlim SQ Pod Kit

The OXVA Xlim SQ Pod Kit is almost identical to the OXVA Xlim V2. You get the same 900mAh battery and battery life, two refillable OXVA Xlim pods, auto draw features, and adjustable airflow.

In terms of its design, the Xlim SQ is much more compact, however. It comes in a boxy, square shape that is quite unique. Unlike the OXVA Xlim V2, it has no screen or adjustable wattage - but it does feature the same 25W output power.

All in all, if you had to choose between these two OXVA devices, we recommend going for the Xlim SQ if you want a beginner-friendly pod system with a unique look. If you're after slightly more advanced features, the Xlim V2 should be a good fit.

OXVA Origin 2 Pod Kit

The OXVA Origin 2 Pod Kit is one of the largest pod systems OXVA offers, but it should still fit into most pockets with ease. It isn't big for no reason, though; this kit packs a punch! If you want, you can crank the adjustable wattage all the way from 5W to 80W if you are a seasoned vaper wanting to produce huge vapour clouds.

You'll need to buy an 18650 battery along with the device, as it isn't included. The battery life also isn't great if you plan to use the Origin 2 for DTL vaping. To be safe, you may need to purchase more than one battery if you want to get through an entire day as a heavy vaper. Thankfully, that is where the list of drawbacks ends for the Origin 2.

While the Origin 2 is technically a pod kit, it is compatible with OXVA's Unicoil and Uniplus coils, making it quite versatile. The included 0.2 and 0.3 ohm coils are great for sub-ohm vaping, and will allow you to blow some large yet flavourful e-liquid clouds.

OXVA Xlim C Pod Kit

The OXVA Xlim C Pod Kit is very similar to the rest of the Xlim range. Like the V2 and SQ, the Xlim C has a 900mAh battery, a 25W power output, and also makes use of the same Xlim pods. It has adjustable airflow as well but lacks a screen.

This device does have an advantage the Xlim SQ by allowing you to adjust its wattage. On the other hand, it only offers three wattage settings which may limit your ability to customise your vape. To adjust the wattage, you need to push the fire button three times, but you'll have no way of knowing what wattage the device is on until you take a draw.

All in all, the Xlim C falls in between the SQ and the V2. It gives you a little more control over how you vape, but not as much as the V2.

OXVA Xlim SE Bonus Pod Kit

As you might expect, the OXVA Xlim SE Bonus Pod Kit is very similar to its Xlim siblings. It is compatible with the same 0.6 ohm, 0.8 ohm, and 1.2 ohm pods and has the same 900mAh battery that should easily get you through the day. This device has the same 25W power output found in most of the Xlim range.

Like the Xlim SQ, it doesn't feature a fire button, so you'll need to draw on the device to activate it. It's also missing a screen, and you can only change the wattage by using a different pod.

But, once again, these aren't necessarily drawbacks. Not every vaper wants to fiddle and tinker with their device while they're using it. Another nifty feature is its X-shaped LED indicator that tells you how much battery power you have left.

OXVA Velocity LE Kit

The OXVA Velocity LE Kit is a box mod that can also be used as a pod mod. This device is definitely for a more experienced vaper, as its wattage can be turned all the way up to 100W.

One of its best features is that it's compatible with 21700, 20700, and 18650 batteries. On the downside, these batteries don't come included with the vape kit, but this kit has a clear display that offers some great adjustment settings.

The device comes standard with a 0.15 and 0.3-ohm coil, both of which offer some great performance - but you can also use higher resistance coils, if you prefer.

The only notable drawbacks of this kit are the fact that you will notice a dip in power when the battery is low, and you cannot use it for MTL vaping out of the box.


Luckily for vapers, we have many great OXVA vape kits to choose from. Whether you're after a simple pod system or something more advanced, it's highly likely that we have an OXVA kit to meet your needs.

So, if you are interested in purchasing an OXVA vape, or want to explore the other vape brands out there, why not take a look at our entire collection of vape kits we have on offer here at Vaping 101. With household names like Vaporesso, Voopoo, and Innokin, we’re sure we have everything you’ll need to put together your perfect vape!

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