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Dinner Lady 50:50 Iced E-Liquids 10ml

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This e-liquid is part of Dinner Lady’s 50/50 range, and is perfect for use with your vape pen or a similar vape kit. These 10ml Dinner Lady e-liquids have a 50% PG, 50% VG formula and are available in nicotine strengths of 6mg, 12mg or 18mg.

10ml bottles
50% VG

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Very good spearmint flavour

Mitchell Campbell
A joy to vape

Love the ice range of dinner lady, delivery from these guys great as always the package was packed so well.

Good flavour

Premium e liquid

Christine Gutteridge

Very good service

Sarah Stolworthy


In Stock £2.25 Cola Ice - Can’t resist a cola? Dinner Lady Cola Ice 50:50 is a sweet soda e-liquid with a cool citrus twist. Full of authentic cola flavour and finished off with a fizz of lemon, Dinner Lady Cola Ice is the perfect e-liquid for keeping you feeling refreshed throughout the summer.

Blackcurrant Ice - Blackcurrant Ice 50:50 is a juicy blend of blackcurrant sweetness and a hint of tangy orange. Combining the inimitable flavour of blackcurrant with a zesty citrus rush, Dinner Lady Blackcurrant Ice is a unique e-liquid that’s ideal as a fruity all-day vape.

Mint Ice - Mint Ice offers a cool menthol vape with a touch of delicate mint, adding hints of sweet, floral flavour. This invigorating blend is ideal for a quick freshen up and uses a milder menthol base for those who don't want to be blown away. 

Strawberry Ice - A tall jug of refreshing lemonade with fresh summer strawberries and a sprinkling of ice - that's how we'd put it. Dinner Lady Strawberry Ice e-liquid has a sweet fruit bite with a citrus twist, layered over a cool menthol base. Perfect for vaping in the sunshine!

Cherry Menthol - A silky smooth combination of fruit and menthol. Load your vape with Dinner Lady Cherry Menthol and take a puff for a sublime fusion of juicy red cherry and airy menthol vapour. This e-liquid is perfect for vaping around the clock due to its well-balanced and satisfying flavour blend. 

Fresh Menthol - Fresh Menthol e-liquid is perfect for menthol lovers who want a powerful and minty inhale without distractions. This refreshing menthol blend keeps things pure and straightforward with a flavour profile that's guaranteed to satisfy. 

Ice Menthol - Your classic menthol blend with the intensity turned up to the max. Dinner Lady Ice Menthol combines the timeless menthol vape flavour with an ice-cold base, offering an invigorating throat and mouth sensation. It doesn't get fresher than this!

Heisenlady - Heisen Lady e-liquid features a vivid and juicy mixed berry base with a sharp blast of cool menthol. This fusion of potent flavours washes over your taste buds like a cool fruity wave, offering refreshment and satisfaction in one tasty package. 

Spearmint - A true-to-life mint vape inspired by the invigorating taste of spearmint. If you're looking for a chilled menthol flavour with a sweet twist, Dinner Lady Spearmint is the perfect fit. Every puff offers a fresh breath of natural-tasting flavour.